Hussain Sajwani Develops A Business Partnership With President Donald Trump

The Trump brand of luxury real estate developments has been looking for partners to extend its reach across the international marketplace over the 21st-century with a range of partners including the respected United Arab Emirates-based business leader, Hussain Sajwani. Hussain Sajwani has become one of the major partners of the Trump organization across much of the Middle East after forming a partnership with DAMAC Properties owner in 2013 long before the Presidential ambitions of the New York real estate mogul had become public knowledge; the friendship has gone far beyond a simple business alliance and saw Sajwani invited to the Trump resort in Florida for a New Year’s Eve event where he was referred to by the President as a “very, very wonderful person.”


Hussain Sajwani has been building his luxury real estate business for a number of years but does not solely limit his work to real estate as he has fingers in many different pies and industries. The initial business success of Hussain Sajwani came in the area he was initially most famous for playing a role in, of the food services sector which has been one of the most important to building an entrepreneurial empire stretching from the Middle East into parts of Asia and Africa.


The work of Hussain Sajwani began when he arrived at the Abu Dhabi Oil and Gas Company and became a financial expert for the company. After building a career within the company the pull of entrepreneurial success was too great for Hussain Sajwani and allowed him to identify a lack of food services companies in the oil industry which resulted in the development of a new company established by Sajwani expanding on a regular basis across many different industrial areas. The continued success of the DAMAC brand would eventually lead to a growing hotel chain which encompasses mid-market and luxury options across the Middle East; as one of the most respected figures in the UAE real estate markets, the Damac owner has embarked on a range of philanthropic activities to aid the local community.


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