Securus Technologies: Taking Pride in Making Correctional Facilities Safe

Securus Technologies is going to great lengths to improve correctional facility security. The company has developed a new technology to stop contraband cell phone usage. This is a major development as these devices are noted as a top danger in jails and prisons. Many crimes have resulted due to phones not being detected or confiscated. Known as a Wireless Containment System, the devices look and act just like a regular cell tower. The main difference is that they create their own network within the facilities. Users of the contraband wireless devices believe they still are connected to their regular service provider; however, the Wireless Containment System prevents overrides the network and prevents any calls. The user is notified via a recording that the call has been disconnected.


The project is still in its initial testing phase. The results that have been achieved thus far are impressive. Nearly two million attempted communications have been thwarted. The project has faced challenges by the FCC. The concern was that other signals were potentially being scrambled, which is illegal according to current regulations. Securus Technologies has proven that the technology is fully compliant. Strong supporters of the technology have been petitioning to have the devices required in all facilities, by law.


Among these supporters is Robert Johnson. Serving as a corrections officer himself, Johnson experienced firsthand the dangers of illegal devices. His position required that he gather any contraband in the prison and confiscate it. He seized a package with a high monetary value and was retaliated against by the prison gang it belonged to. Due to a contraband phone being available, a former inmate was able to find his home. Johnson was shot six times in his home; however, he was able to protect his wife from being injured. Barely escaping the incident alive, Johnson made it his goal to stop the violence. Ever since the tragic event, Johnson has been working with Securus Technologies as a consultant on the project.


Securus Technologies is a company with over 30 years’ experience in correctional facility management. The company is best known for providing communications services to inmates and their loved ones. The company has other popular products like video visitation and messaging, which are designed to provide more affordable alternatives. Securus Technologies also provides monitoring services and software packages to the institutions, themselves. The company has experienced major growth over the years and has acquired numerous other companies in the process. Among the most recent acquisitions are JPay and GovPayNet. Both companies are experienced in financial services and have a great deal of experience in corrections. With all the recent developments, Securus Technologies clearly takes pride in serving its customers and keeping everyone safe and sound.

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