Doe Deere: A Vegan And Unicorn Entrepreneur Inspired To Start Lime Crime

Lime Crime, as stated by its CEO Doe Deere is more than just a Revlon or Maybelline kind of line because it’s not just about a woman’s beauty; it’s about allowing them to let even their weird side or their unusual tastes out and not being afraid to do so. Doe Deere loves wearing her hair whichever color she feels matches the day she will have, and she spoke to Ideamensch about how she feels different hair colors should be seen as acceptable in the regular workplace because other fashion ideas have already been acceptable for a long time. She started the Lime Crime brand at a time that most people didn’t see the internet as a viable way to market cosmetics in a personal way, but she proved otherwise and today thousands of Lime Crime purchases have been made online.


Doe Deere began her story in Russia where she spent her childhood, and the economic struggles of that nation at the time and what her family could afford played a little role in what she wanted to do later in life. She did say that her first business was making fake tattoos as a young girl and selling them on the street. When she turned 17, she moved to the US and a few years later began studying at the Fashion Technology Institute in New York. She also produced a few albums with a band in hopes of making it big in the music industry, but eventually her passion for fashion took over and she focused on that full-time.


Lime Crime actually was what Doe Deere called her eBay account where she started marketing her fashions after dropping out of the fashion school due to making sales early. But her passion for color started taking over and she wanted to wear different shades of makeup and hair color as she did model shots for her fashion store. Most current beauty supply chains didn’t have the exact colors and touches that she wanted, so she decided to get the materials needed to make her own. By 2008 she had taken a completely different turn and saw the new makeup, eye shadow and hair colors as an even better foundation for the business, and she began blogging and posting videos of how the cosmetics she had created could be used. Through social media marketing and various product promotions, she started generating interest in Lime Crime and soon she had made enough money to move the company to Los Angeles.


Lime Crime has relied on its internet-based store for most of its sales, but it has partnered with a few brick and mortar retailers like Urban Outfitters to bring its products to store shelves. Deere has gone from self-producing the Lime Crime products to now partnering with an independent company to supply them to Lime Crime, but she meets with her lab team to try the product on before its sold. She has kept her promises to her customers that no animals are harmed in the making of cosmetics, and she even supports animal hospitals and shelter organizations.

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