James Dondero and his work in the community

James Dondero, Co-founder and President of Highland Capital Management, has a very active career involving credit accounts.

The philanthropist started his career by getting two bachelor degrees in accounting and finance. He did his studies at the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce. In 1984, James started with JP Morgan Chase and Company. After a few more job changes and advancements in his career, James started his own company in 1993. Read more at Huffington Post about James Dondero.

Highland Capital Management handles accounts such as,

  • Hedge funds
  • Private Equity accounts
  • Assorted large credit accounts

James Dondero not only believes in hard work within his company, but he believes in giving back in return to his Dallas, Texas community. Follow James on Linkedin.

Between James and other investors, the Dallas Zoo was able to reopen their hippopotamus exhibit in a new area, within the zoo. He has also provided charitable funds to the Perot Museum of Natural Science.

More recently, James Dondero saw a need for veterans, and helped fund the Brain Performance Institute. Within this institute there is a program to help veterans and their families transition back into a normal way of life. Due to the funds provided by Highland Capital and its President, these veterans can get the help they need, free of charge. The center and Mr. Dondero saw that first responders also need help. Now the center offers a program for them.

James Dondero knows that hard work and giving back is best for everyone. The hard work allows him to not only advance in his career, but it also allows him to give back in large amounts, to his community.

Visit: http://www.jamesdonderodallas.com/james-dondero/

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