Herman’s Continues To Fight On The Side Of justice And Victims

Jeff Herman is a man that has a mission. Herman is an attorney and advocate for individuals that have been victims of sexual abuse, rape, or sexual exploitation. Herman’s dedication to his mission has helped many victims to receive justice. Justice consists of exposing sexual predators and the entities that try to keep sexual predators protected. Recently, Jeff Herman has been in the news for his representation of a young man who that claims to have been sexually abused by a Reverend.


Herman is representing his client in a Civil Suit Against Catholic Diocese of Allentown, PA and Reverend Monsignor Francis Nave. The civil suit claims that Reverend Monsignor Francis Nave took advantage of Herman’s client when he was just 16 years old. According to an article there are pictures which provide evidence of the Reverend taking advantage of the young teenager. Herman revealed that the sexually exploitation occurred in 2012 when the young teenager was in a depressed state. Knowing of the young teenager’s mental state, Monsignor used the mental state and his position to get closer to the young boy. Monsignor revealed to the teenager that part of his role was to be there for individuals that were going through various problems. He gained the young boy’s trust by becoming a listening ear. Unfortunately, the Reverend had an ulterior motive which was to take advantage of the young boy. Get Additional Information Here.


The trust that was gained by the Reverend resulted in the young boy being convinced to engage in sexual activity via FaceTime and Skype.


Though Jeff Herman is focused on his client receiving justice in the form of monetary restitution, he also wants to protect other young ones. One less sexual victimizer will be exposed and not able to victimize anyone else.


Herman law firm is a firm that has been fighting for justice and against sexual abuse all over the country. Thanks to his expertise, Herman Law Firm was able to receive over $200 million in settlements and verdicts.


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