Suicide Rates are Increasing, and Talkspace Services are Working to Get Rid of this Social Scourge

Some people might find it hard to believe that they have a life worth living. No matter how bad things might be for some individuals; the fact that they are alive should give them hope the future. Realistically, some people just cannot see life in this way. Their mind, emotions and outward circumstances have convinced them that they will never find peace, happiness, contentment or even a purpose with their existence. People who see their lives in this way will probably try to commit suicide at some point.

Talkspace knows that suicide is a real problem. The American Foundation of Suicide Prevention states that close to 50,000 people a year commit suicide and it is the 10th leading cause of death within the U.S. This is a problem. The therapists who work with Talkspace know that they are going to be kept busy for a long time. Unfortunately, suicide rates are on the increase and more people than ever are being impacted by this deadly mental health issue.

Therapy for suicide is offered by various psychologists and psychiatrists who work with directly with mental health patients. These professionals cannot offer drugs or other types of therapies from Talkspace but they can help clients to evaluate their situation to help change things around. Keep in mind that Talkspace is a therapy application that allows patients to contact a therapist through text, email or by some other type of mobile communication method.

This therapy application gives clients 24-hour access to a therapist. This is beneficial because it allows them to find the help they need when they cannot directly visit a psychologist in their office. Talkspace even works with Michael Phelps on the issue regarding depression. He is a leading figure in the world of sports and he has suffered for years from this condition.

Michael Phelps admitted to suffering from depression, but he never mentioned that his depression was causing him to commit suicide. Still, depression leads to suicide in many instances. This is another reason why people suffering from depression should contact Talkspace. No, one should want to be depressed to the point where they are willing to take their own life. Talkspace will work hard to ensure that this doesn’t happen if suicidal people give this therapy method a real chance to help change their situation.

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