Heather Parry: The Production Giant

Heather Parry has been the President of Live Nation Productions since December 1, 2015 – and her appointment didn’t need a lot of big and fancy announcements. Heather Parry is most well known before for being one of the giants in concert production, and she has really made a name for herself in the industry. Heather Parry had a no-brainer choice to jump into the industry and to the work right away.

Heather Parry

Even if she was just new to the spot, she has already teamed up with actor and director Colin Hanks, who she had work experience with at Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions. They worked together on Eagles of Death Metal, a documentary film right after the 2015 tragedy that happened at the Bataclan.

From there, they changed the game of music documentaries and how they operated as serious cinema and the film Heather Parry worked on was nominated for 2 Critics’ Choice Awards, and it was a great honor for Heather and the company – but this will only be a small milestone for Heather Parry.

Heather Parry is also responsible for the birth and development of one of 2019’s top grossing films, the Bradley Cooper-directed movie, A Star Is Born which also served as the movie debut of singer song writer – Lady Gaga.

A Star Is Born has been sweeping through the nation and has topped movie charts around the world. The soundtracks of A Star Is Born has also made waves of their own, with Shallow being the most popular song from the movie franchise. Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga have definitely made movie history with A Star Is Born.

A Star Is Born has won so much awards from the most prestigious governing bodies like the Oscars and the Golden Globes – a feat accomplished not only by the actors but also of Heather Parry.

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The Full Story Of Richard Liu Qiangdong


Richard Liu Qiangdong grew up like a lot of people but has extraordinary success in business. He is the current Chief Executive Officer (and founder) of JD.com: an e-commerce website that sells millions of products with lightning speed across China. Being born in the Jiangsu province closer to Shanghai, Richard Liu Qiangdong was born into a hard-working family of coal shippers.

His grandmother could not afford her medication, and this all presumably gave him some big reasons to work extra hard and become successful. So he left for college about ten hours away in the big city of Beijing and got his degree in Sociology while learning how to code on computers. Once he graduated he then applied and was accepted into the China Europe International Business School, where he got his Master’s Degree and moved onto his first job. See This Article for more information.

Richard Liu Qiangdong’s first job was at Japan Life: a natural supplement store. There, he learned the ropes of the business world and progressed his coding skills to become promoted within the company as the Director of Computers. But in 1998 he outgrew the company and left. Richard Liu followed his passion and dreams in the world of entrepreneurialism. Moving back to Beijing and remembering the massive opportunity that existed in this technological hub of China, Liu Qiangdong opened his first shop selling “magneto-optical” parts, which are similar to the components in a hard drive. .

And because of Liu Qiangdong’s innate understanding of the customers’ desire to have conflict-free transactions that were quick and friendly, he gained a reputation for himself amongst a sea of people selling knock-off products. Distancing himself as much as possible from that, he naturally rose to the top in the business world and sold multiple products in more than ten locations across Beijing.

Things were looking great for Richard Liu, but then when SARS hit he and his team were faced with a massive decision: close the shops and halt business completely until things cooled down, or try selling online so that none of his employees nor customers had to risk contracting the deadly virus. Having gone online was the best decision that his company ever made, and the proof of this was in his name change to “360buy Jingdong”. This new name reflected the ability of all buyers to buy anytime, from anywhere, and still get the quality service he provided at his physical locations. Carrying on this tradition even today, JD.com is now worth in excess of $30 billion dollars.


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Steve Ritchie Recommends Diversity Training At Papa John’s


Steve Ritchie, the CEO of Papa John’s International has declared that the company would be rolling out diversity training. Since taking over the role of leadership in this company, he has identified some areas that will need to be rectified for the company to stay in the path of growth. From work he has done in the company in other positions, he has proved that it is indeed possible to make a difference in the company.

As the senior-most executive in the company, he is ready to make the company even more successful by addressing areas of weakness in the company. He is ready to change the way business is done in the company by coming up with new strategies. Get More Information Here.

Steve Ritchie joined the company and shortly after wrote a letter to the stakeholders on the pizza company telling them how he is ready to engage in processes that will boost the reputation of the company by meeting the needs of the customers. He was concerned with some areas of the company and was quick to reassure the customers and employees that they will be seeing changes under his leadership. Steve Ritchie Papa John’s understands that the customer is the pillar of every business and his concerns need to be addressed with the seriousness deserved.

Steve Ritchie Papa Johns advocates diversity and inclusion. These are some of the aspects of a business that Steve Ritchie is very interested in. He has already made some steps to ensure that the goals of diversity and inclusivity are accomplished without further delay. He has appointed Victoria Russell as the Chief of Diversity and Inclusion in the company. He is no longer taking chances with the company since he understands the importance of building a business where everyone will feel appreciated.

Steve Ritchie

For 25 years, Steve Ritchie Papa John’s has been in the pizza industry. He started by setting up his pizza store in Louisville, Kentucky. This business taught him how to manage a business as well as building his passion in the pizza business. In 1996, he landed a job at Papa John’s, and since then, he is still with the company. He has held different positions that have culminated in him getting the biggest office in the company.


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Nicolas Krafft Made Sure That There Was Inclusivity in The Recent Fashion Event by L’Oreal Paris


Nicolas Krafft has gained some prominence over the fashion sector through L’Oreal Paris. As an executive within the company, he has been able to empower many women by trying to improve the fashion industry. Recently, Nicolas Krafft was able to organize a fashion event together with his team at L’Oreal Paris.

The event had a large audience. Fashion investors, as well as designers, graced the event with their presence. The innovation depicted by L’Oreal Paris at the event was intriguing. According to Krafft, this was just the beginning. Together with his counterparts at L’Oreal Paris, they expect to perform better in the coming years.

The event stood out since Nicolas Krafft Loreal, and his team made sure that there was inclusivity. Throughout the years, the fashion and design sector had not embraced inclusivity. Nevertheless, L’Oreal Paris was able to counteract this notion. The designers also made sure that each of their pieces would merge well with the aspect of inclusivity at the event. The management team at L’Oreal Paris also came forth and assured the audience that they would revolutionize the fashion and design industry by making sure that each of the event and themes would have an ‘inclusive-conscience.’

Besides making sure there was inclusivity, the fashion event by L’Oreal Paris also attracted movie stars and renowned designers. Some of the upcoming designers at the event also got to interact with prominent designers. As a result, they were able to make connections that would enable them to enhance the growth of their career. Nicolas Krafft also made sure that investors would also grace the event with their presence. As a result, they would find some viable ideas that would be worth their time and money. Clients were also present at the event. If you had a perfect idea regarding fashion and design, the event would serve as a perfect marketing tool.

Nicolas Krafft Loreal has gained recognition over the years for being an investor in the fashion world. He has also showcased some interest in the finance world, in the Eastern Europe Region to be precise. Throughout his career as an executive, he has showcased that he has what it takes to be a skilled manager. Nicolas Krafft acknowledges that productivity is the main aspect that leads to the growth of a corporation. Refer to This Article for more information.


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Clay Hutson: An Entrepreneur And A Sound Engineer

Clay Hutson is an entrepreneur and a live sound engineer. He is also a tour producer and stage manager. He has worked with big-name artists such as Kid Rock, Guns N’ Roses, Pink, and OneRepublic to just name a few. His firm specializes in managing, producing and designing concerts. Prior to his entrepreneurship, Clay Hutson attended university classes in theatre design.


In an article dated February 23rd of 2018, Clay Hutson is interviewed. The article begins with a description of Mr. Hutson’s work history. It says that he worked for companies that “provided live entertainment solutions”, like concerts. After years in the industry, Mr. Hutson acquired enough knowledge, skill, and experience to create his own firm.

The article then moves on to the interview. They ask Mr. Hutson what his average day looks like. He says that as of right now, he begins his workday at “6:30 AM”. As a stage manager, he then does an overview of the day’s schedule including a “walk-through” and a “to-do list”. The article moves on to talk about the “wow” factor for his clients. Mr. Hutson states that is “always the goal.” He closely pays attention to new technologies in the music industry.

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The Bro Talk

In another article, Mr. Hutson is also interviewed. A few interview questions cover various topics concerning his firm, his interests and a recommendation for a good book. He says his attention to detail, his diligence, and great work ethic contributes to the success of his firm. He says, his “dedication and professionalism” encourages artists he has worked with in the past to recommend his firm for future projects.

Steve Ritchie Helps Papa John’s Roll Out Diversity Training


Steve Ritchie had a few specific intentions when he was recently named CEO of Papa John’s International; one of the most notable of these was to improve diversity and customer service in the fast food giant. He stated as much in an open letter to everyone in the company when he said that diversity, equity, and inclusion were his top priorities in the role; he also claimed that Papa John’s as a company believed in equity, fairness, respect, and opportunity for everyone.

Because of that, Steve Ritchie Papa John’s has taken a note from Starbucks and began diversity training for all of its employees. Contrary to the coffee giants, Papa John’s decision to undergo diversity training didn’t have much of an impetus beyond a new change in CEO. In Starbucks’ case, however, the diversity training followed national outcry against the company in the midst of tense race relations in the United States. The most significant factor, in this case, was when two black customers were arrested at a Starbucks in Philadelphia; this was because a store manager mistakenly believed that the two were loitering and called the police.What followed was a national outcry against Starbucks, with many calling for a boycott. However, Papa John’s isn’t facing much criticism for its treatment of minorities in its stores.

Instead, it’s something that Steve Ritchie Papa John’s has been passionate about for years. Instead, the company may be looking to ensure that no such event happens in their store; it’s also to ensure that every customer feels welcome in each of their stores. There’s also another significant contrast between both Papa John’s and Starbucks’ handling of the diversity training.

When Starbucks began its training, the coffee giant closed a significant amount of its stores to concentrate on the training. However, this has been something that Papa John’s has been keen to avoid. As such, Steve Ritchie has ensured that the company only has a minimal effect on its operating hours across each of its stores. As the training progresses, Steve Ritchie hopes, customers will then be able to see an overall positive impact on the companies customer service. Visit This Page for additional information.


More about Steve Ritchie PapaJohn’s: https://insiderlouisville.com/tag/steve-ritchie/

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar’s Successful Career as a Surgeon

Many people are turning to plastic surgery to achieve their perfect body. That has put gluteal augmentation also called the Brazilian Butt Lift prominent in the cosmetic surgery industry. According to a report by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, many people are now turning to this procedure to acquire an ideal look. As demand for this surgery grows, there are surgical risks that may turn into a problem. In the industry of plastic surgery, experienced surgeons are working toward changing that.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a revered plastic surgeon who is leading in making transformations by including safety measures in the industry since he began practicing 20 years ago, Jejurikar has committed time to find solutions to problems that may be affecting most patients. As a certified board member of the plastic surgeon community, the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute member has received a bachelor’s degree from Michigan University. He went ahead to be one of the envied plastic surgeons in the sector. Beyond his practice, Jejurikar is assisting take safety to the next level by supporting the Multisociety Gluteal Fat Grafting Task Force.

Comprised of a board of certified plastic surgeons, Multisociety Gluteal Fat Grafting Task Force is pooling its member’s knowledge to improve the safety of cosmetic surgery. It’s also focused on protecting them by training professionals to offer protection against complications. The objective of the committee is to conduct anatomic studies to assist guide surgeons to select the appropriate access tissues for fat injections and proper angles of planes injection. Brazilian Butt Lift Augmentation is acquired during grafting, which will move fat from one tissue of the patient’s body to another. The procedure may cause fat embolisms that can occur when a fat mass is caught in a blood vessel.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar often speaks in domestic as well as international meetings in order to increase awareness regarding gluteal fat grafting. He once stated that the most vital aspect when it comes to performing the Brazilian Butt Lift is patient safety. Experience will help prevent deaths.

Dr. Sameer’s journey to becoming a successful surgeon began when he was young. He had a passion for science, art, as well as working on projects with his hands. He joined medical school and received exposure to various surgical specialties.

The Successful Story Of Victoria Doramus


Victoria Doramus isn’t a new name in the marketing industry. Most people associate her with philanthropy and numerous accomplishments in the media and production industries. Although she has learnt her skills when working in the complex market, the marketing executive has professional knowledge which she got from studying in prestigious schools. In the year 2002, the executive decided to move from her home town and settle in New York City where there were better opportunities. Her first degree was received from the University of Colorado Boulder.

Getting a degree, especially in the competitive market that is made dominated, was once a difficult idea for women. Victoria Doramus got so much while in this school. It is in this institution where the executive realized that she was very passionate about writing and the communication sections. The kind of career she chose while at the university allowed her to venture into these two departments.

While at the university, the marketing executive was focused, and at the end of the day, she got skills in designing, production, creativity, editing, and various advertorial activities. By the time she was ready for work, the businesswoman was equipped with the best skills. Every company in the global market wanted to hire her services.

Being a successful career woman has never stopped this business executive from helping the needy causes in the society. After making some significant amount of wealth, the media personality was courageous to join some charities and many volunteer activities in the country. The nonprofit making companies she has been working with have helped both animals and humans to live a happy life.

Her passion for young children who are vulnerable speaks volumes about her personality. This generous side of the marketing executive was realized after her long battle with drugs and alcohol. A successful career always brings so much joy and satisfaction, but things proved to take a different path for Victoria Doramus. Being successful did not stop her from getting involved in hard drugs. Before she could realize it, she was already addicted, and she had to struggle to abandon the habits she had developed.


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