The Successful Story Of Victoria Doramus


Victoria Doramus isn’t a new name in the marketing industry. Most people associate her with philanthropy and numerous accomplishments in the media and production industries. Although she has learnt her skills when working in the complex market, the marketing executive has professional knowledge which she got from studying in prestigious schools. In the year 2002, the executive decided to move from her home town and settle in New York City where there were better opportunities. Her first degree was received from the University of Colorado Boulder.

Getting a degree, especially in the competitive market that is made dominated, was once a difficult idea for women. Victoria Doramus got so much while in this school. It is in this institution where the executive realized that she was very passionate about writing and the communication sections. The kind of career she chose while at the university allowed her to venture into these two departments.

While at the university, the marketing executive was focused, and at the end of the day, she got skills in designing, production, creativity, editing, and various advertorial activities. By the time she was ready for work, the businesswoman was equipped with the best skills. Every company in the global market wanted to hire her services.

Being a successful career woman has never stopped this business executive from helping the needy causes in the society. After making some significant amount of wealth, the media personality was courageous to join some charities and many volunteer activities in the country. The nonprofit making companies she has been working with have helped both animals and humans to live a happy life.

Her passion for young children who are vulnerable speaks volumes about her personality. This generous side of the marketing executive was realized after her long battle with drugs and alcohol. A successful career always brings so much joy and satisfaction, but things proved to take a different path for Victoria Doramus. Being successful did not stop her from getting involved in hard drugs. Before she could realize it, she was already addicted, and she had to struggle to abandon the habits she had developed.


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