The Full Story Of Richard Liu Qiangdong


Richard Liu Qiangdong grew up like a lot of people but has extraordinary success in business. He is the current Chief Executive Officer (and founder) of an e-commerce website that sells millions of products with lightning speed across China. Being born in the Jiangsu province closer to Shanghai, Richard Liu Qiangdong was born into a hard-working family of coal shippers.

His grandmother could not afford her medication, and this all presumably gave him some big reasons to work extra hard and become successful. So he left for college about ten hours away in the big city of Beijing and got his degree in Sociology while learning how to code on computers. Once he graduated he then applied and was accepted into the China Europe International Business School, where he got his Master’s Degree and moved onto his first job. See This Article for more information.

Richard Liu Qiangdong’s first job was at Japan Life: a natural supplement store. There, he learned the ropes of the business world and progressed his coding skills to become promoted within the company as the Director of Computers. But in 1998 he outgrew the company and left. Richard Liu followed his passion and dreams in the world of entrepreneurialism. Moving back to Beijing and remembering the massive opportunity that existed in this technological hub of China, Liu Qiangdong opened his first shop selling “magneto-optical” parts, which are similar to the components in a hard drive. .

And because of Liu Qiangdong’s innate understanding of the customers’ desire to have conflict-free transactions that were quick and friendly, he gained a reputation for himself amongst a sea of people selling knock-off products. Distancing himself as much as possible from that, he naturally rose to the top in the business world and sold multiple products in more than ten locations across Beijing.

Things were looking great for Richard Liu, but then when SARS hit he and his team were faced with a massive decision: close the shops and halt business completely until things cooled down, or try selling online so that none of his employees nor customers had to risk contracting the deadly virus. Having gone online was the best decision that his company ever made, and the proof of this was in his name change to “360buy Jingdong”. This new name reflected the ability of all buyers to buy anytime, from anywhere, and still get the quality service he provided at his physical locations. Carrying on this tradition even today, is now worth in excess of $30 billion dollars.


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