Mark Holyoake – Seafood Expert


Mark Holyoake is an expert on the seafood industry. He has worked in the industry for decades, and he has even managed various seafood companies. He was born in London, but he has lived in multiple cities throughout Europe.

Early in his career, Mark started working at a large seafood company. He was promoted numerous times. As his income grew, Holyoake began investing in real estate and other business opportunities. Mark purchased a seafood company in 2010. The company, Iceland Seafood International, was on the verge of collapse. Mark believed he could improve the company’s financial results by making significant operational changes.


Industry Trends

According to Mark Holyoake, numerous people in Europe want access to better seafood. The entire industry is dealing with issues surrounding regulations. Some seafood companies sell products that are incorrectly labeled. Not only can this make customers sick, but it also means that consumers no longer want to purchase seafood from specific areas of the world.

Pollution is also a significant factor impacting the industry. In Asia, farmed fish contain high levels of mercury. Eating mercury can cause health issues over time. Many customers are willing to pay higher prices for quality food.


Iceland Seafood International

After Mark became the largest shareholder in Iceland Seafood International, he brought in a new CEO to run the company. The new CEO stopped selling certain types of fish. Mark encouraged the company to sell better quality fish at a higher price. Although the strategy was risky, the company’s sales increased drastically by following Mark’s advice. Many affluent people in Europe are happy to pay higher prices for fish that are sustainably raised.


Future Goals

Mark recently sold his stake in Iceland Seafood International. Holyoake earned a substantial profit from his investment. He is currently looking for real estate investment options in Portugal. He recently submitted an offer for an apartment complex in Lisbon.


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