A Deeper Look At Jingdong


As an e-commerce company in the People’s Republic of China, JD.com has a lot to strive for. It is not easy to be a company in the competitive technology landscape that is present in China. As such, it is surprising that JD.com has made it thus far even if they were a tad bit later to the technology industry. Refer to This Article to learn more.

Let us take a look at JD and its prospects.


The Jingdong Century Breakdown

JD.com is present within two main segments. The first component of the company is that of the JD Mall, and the second key segment that is present for Jingdong is that of the expansion businesses.


JD is known to sell everything from electronics to other sorts of home goods and devices. The company will even sell items that are used for fashion, for autos and other segments of life. The company is now in the food business as well and will sell individuals their groceries as well.


Suffice it to say JD.com is everywhere. But the fact of the matter is that Jingdong or Jd.com wasn’t everywhere all of the time.


See, the company started out in 1997 in an offline manner, JD then progressed and diversified very slowly over time.


When we say it progressed very slowly, we mean very slowly. See, the company started out with the basics and focused on selling one item in its early years. It started offline and stayed offline for a couple of years. Then, due to a variety of factors and reasons, including the SARS epidemic, JD.com was pushed forward into the digital age.


The company has looked back since, it continues to not only stay in the present in a digital manner, the company continues to take lead and stay highly competitive in the quickly moving technology sector.


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