Vinod Gupta Capitalized On A Niche And It Payed Off


Vinod Gupta, of Everest Group started out in the business world by filling a niche in business-to-business marketing. Shortly after earning his MBA Gupta was working for a mobile home manufacturing company where he was asked to create a database of potential clients. Realizing other businesses would benefit from such a resource, he created the database and began marketing it to vendors in the industry.

Vinod Gupta’s initiative and just a $100 loan from the bank launched his first venture, which was aptly named American Business Information. After a lot of growth and rebranding to reflect the scale of the company, Gupta’s $100 investment was sold as InfoGROUP for $680 million in 2010.

Today Vinod Gupta is still using his ingenuity, with his venture capital firm Everest Group, to grow struggling businesses in the database technology industry. Infusing these businesses with capital to advance their technology or to restructure operations allows them to flourish.

Interestingly, Gupta still uses direct mail marketing and finds it to be a useful tool, despite expertise in modern technology as applied to marketing. Gupta encourages young entrepreneurs to balance risk and reward. He suggests hard work, a smaller investment and thinking about long term profits before launching a business idea.

Outside of supporting the technology industry through Everest Group, Gupta has donated millions of dollars towards causes that are important to him. Because he credits his education at the Indian Institute of Technology and the University of Nebraska for his success, he primarily contributes to institutes of higher learning.

Gupta has contributed over $5 million in India alone, creating a school management at his alma mater, a polytechnic school for woman in his home village and an Intellectual Property Law School. Gupta has also donated here in the US, establishing curriculum for business management at University of Nebraska as well as a science and engineering scholarship for minority students. Go To This Page for related information.


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