Shaquille O’Neal & Boraie Development Join Forces On The Aspire

New Brunswick, New Jersey may not be one of the first places that comes to mind when you think of Shaquille O’Neal building a real estate property, yet this happens to be the situation with a partnership alongside Boraie Development for The Aspire. As indicated by an announcement, the pair have been working together for quite some time, with The Aspire complex being the final products. O’Neal had additionally noticed how impressed he first learned of the project; this was predominantly because Boraie Development’s innovative way to deal with the development of the complex, as well as each of their other projects.

This is because the real estate development company puts a significant amount of time and effort into assessing the likes of contractors and anyone else who they’re considering involving in the development of The Aspire and other properties. Accordingly, it’s been noted that they work with innovative architects and designers to ensure that the apartments, and the general property, are as well designed as possible and meet the needs of potential residents. On top of this, Boraie Development has noted that they carefully select which contractors they work with on every one of their projects. This is mostly to guarantee that development runs easily and that any delays or mistakes are kept to a minimum.

In light of that, there’s been a large amount of amenities added to the complex; one of the standouts among these has been a State of the Art Fitness Center and Yoga Space that offers a considerable amount of space for residents. On top of this, The Aspire has also been able to brag that it also includes an indoor and open-air residents club that allows residents to work, unwind and more. They’ve also incorporated parking facilities connected to the building, a 24/7 doorman in the lobby and a rooftop sundeck and garden that also has space to BBQs and that’s just the beginning. On account of its position in New Brunswick, The Aspire is within strolling distance of a lot of other amenities. Some of the most significant of these are the Robert Wood Johnson Hospital System and Children’s Cancer Institute and the New Brunswick Train Station.

Boraie Development has played a significant part in many developments over the past few years; the majority of these have been well-received, leading to an increasing amount of success for the developer. In that capacity, in recent years the New Jersey-based Boraie Development has been viewed as an innovator in the residential real estate development sector.

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