Alastair Borthwick Life History

Alastair Borthwick recently died at age 90 in September of 2003, leaving behind his history as a writer, a journalist, a broadcaster, and war historian. He was born in 1913 in Troon, Ayrshire, and left school at 16 to work on the Evening Times, shortly followed by the Glasgow Weekly Herald, for which he edited, wrote, and did a variety of miscellaneous duties. His true passion, however, was broadcasting, and for that he found his calling at the BBC, where he began to run radio talks on mountaineering in 1934, and continued to do so up until 1995.

During that time Alastair Borthwick found himself employed with the war effort against Germany within WWII. He served with units in North Africa and Western Europe, and was a lance corporal by 1941. However, his most challenging and well known feat occured in 1944, where he led 600 men through the night to a position behind enemy lines – a feat that was quite difficult, considering the inaccuracies of maps at the time. His mountaineering background proved itself useful for this event, and saved him many times from imminent danger.

The first book penned by Alastair Borthwick, Always a Little Further (1939), became popular amongst the massive movement of hikers, outdoorsmen, and people who spent their free time amongst the natural world. His incredibly detailed descriptions resonated with the people, and made his novel particularly interesting. Alastair’s second book enjoyed similar popularity, even though the genre was entirely different. Sans Peur (1946) was written very shortly after the war, while the details of his experience were fresh on his mind, and outlined his recollections of the many fascinating and terrible events that he went through. Both books were republished and reissued in the 1980’s and 90’s, which brought the spotlight back on Alastair and his work.

Almost until the end of his life, Alastair Borthwick continued to work first as a broadcaster, and then as a teleprompter script writer when the popularity of the television skyrocketed. He will be remembered as a Scottish icon for his many feats in his fields.

A Look At The Career Of Finance And Photography Analyst Max Salk

Max Salk is a photographer and investment analyst. Salk graduated from The University of Illinois with a degree in finance. Most of Salk’s photography is based around his travels from Illinois to his new home in New York City. When he isn’t focused on his photography career. Salk works on behalf of the Navy SEAL Foundation, which provides different programs to help Navy SEALs and their families. Recently, Salk sat down to give a little more insight into his career.


Salk says that he became interested in photography while he was studying in Europe. Salk says that landscapes and backdrops have always been appealing to him. Once Salk graduated from college, he put some of his photographs up in his apartment. After receiving positive feedback from his friends and family, Salk decided to create a website. He wanted to showcase his collection of photographs.


Salk says that he became interested in investing through monitoring the financial markets while he was in college. Salk said that he wanted to learn more about different companies and how the stock market worked. Once Salk finished college, he wanted to learn more information about credit, and its significance around the World. Salk believes that good investors are always curious about how things work. He also believes that investors should be able to see the long term implications of something.


Salk says that he tries to gain a thorough understanding of the things that he is working on. He is not afraid to ask questions. He likes to compose outlines to help himself stay on course during presentations. Salk also says that he keeps back up data just in case he forgets something. Salk says that the more effective a presentation is, the more likely it is that others will trust the work. Salk says that versatility is important. Sometimes, it’s better if the presentation is short. Other times, it may be more beneficial to have a longer presentation to cover all of the important points. Salk says that he tries to be as detailed as possible.

Clay Hutson: An Entrepreneur And A Sound Engineer

Clay Hutson is an entrepreneur and a live sound engineer. He is also a tour producer and stage manager. He has worked with big-name artists such as Kid Rock, Guns N’ Roses, Pink, and OneRepublic to just name a few. His firm specializes in managing, producing and designing concerts. Prior to his entrepreneurship, Clay Hutson attended university classes in theatre design.


In an article dated February 23rd of 2018, Clay Hutson is interviewed. The article begins with a description of Mr. Hutson’s work history. It says that he worked for companies that “provided live entertainment solutions”, like concerts. After years in the industry, Mr. Hutson acquired enough knowledge, skill, and experience to create his own firm.

The article then moves on to the interview. They ask Mr. Hutson what his average day looks like. He says that as of right now, he begins his workday at “6:30 AM”. As a stage manager, he then does an overview of the day’s schedule including a “walk-through” and a “to-do list”. The article moves on to talk about the “wow” factor for his clients. Mr. Hutson states that is “always the goal.” He closely pays attention to new technologies in the music industry.

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The Bro Talk

In another article, Mr. Hutson is also interviewed. A few interview questions cover various topics concerning his firm, his interests and a recommendation for a good book. He says his attention to detail, his diligence, and great work ethic contributes to the success of his firm. He says, his “dedication and professionalism” encourages artists he has worked with in the past to recommend his firm for future projects.