Charlamagne The God, Making Headlines For All The Hot Reasons


Charlamagne the God is a name that most celebrities cringe at whenever it is mentioned. Charlamagne who is a show host of the famed radio show, known as the Breakfast Club, is renowned across the entertainment and media arena, due to his fearless nature, as he usually speaks out his mind, regardless of who he is hosting. He is known for making celebrity interviews incredibly uncomfortable by touching on all the sensitive topics.

For instance, when Justin Bieber attended the show to promote his album six years ago, Charlamagne Tha God did not hesitate to tell him that, even though doing song collaborations with black rappers are great, he should stop hanging out with them as they are troublesome. Surprisingly, this was not the last celebrity interview that he spoke out his mind about, as he touched a nerve when he told Lil Kim that, even though she was beautiful, her plastic surgery made her look like the basketball player, Jeremy Lin.

Charlamagne the God is never intimidated by status. Even though Jay-Z is one of the most respected rappers in showbiz, the show host did not hesitate to ask what the fate of Jay-Z would be, if the legendary Christopher Wallace, alias notorious B.I.G was still alive. Charlamagne recently made headlines after his interview with Kanye West.

As usual, he did not hesitate to express himself, and even ended up calling the renowned rapper Kanye Kardashian. In a nutshell, Charlamagne the God is one of the most controversial show hosts, and being in an interview with him is like being in a hot seat. While some celebrities like Kanye West usually end up taking his criticism positively, others like Lil Kim end up holding a grudge. Thanks to his controversial nature and unique personality, that he is quickly becoming a force to reckon in the media, and soon, he will be having his segment on MTV2.


More about Charlamagne the God

According to his father, his real name is Lenard McKelvey. Even though he is now in his good books, his father revealed that once upon a time, Charlamagne was the black sheep of the family. However, he turned over a new leaf after his father let him stay in jail for 41 nights. Since then he changed his ways, and worked his way to the man the world knows as Charlamagne the God. See This Page for related information.



Charlamange Tha God And The Podcast Awards


Podcasters everywhere are packing up a bag and heading to LA this January. Getting ready to host the iheartRadio event, radio legend Charlamagne Tha God co-host of The Breakfast Club, he will be working alongside Bobby Bones and Holly Frey With so many awards to be given out, the internet has been recruited to vote on 18 of the best podcasts.

Aside from co-host Charlamagne Tha God, more names are sure to be added to the list, the live jury will be deciding on five additional awards to be announced during the show. Charlamagne is the owner of CThaGod World LLC and co-host of Brilliant Idiots a favorite podcast. Charlamagne has directed and acted in movies like Bodied (2017), on the run eating (2018) and Grow House (2017) to mention but a few.

Charlamagne Tha God is also a writer and has a book titled “Black Privilege” which ranked sixth in the New York Times of bestselling hardback nonfiction on May 7 2017. Another book Charlamagne Tha God has written is titled “Shook One: Anxiety Playing Tricks On Me”.

How things go during show will set the bar for next year’s iheartradio event. Keeping up on the award show could be a good way for podcast listeners to discover a new flavor of show to listen to on the drive to work.

Being the first of its kind, iheartRadio is gathering a little something for everyone. Fans can expect a live-stream hosted by Mario Lopez, a decision on the podcast of the year and Clash royal for “fan love,” featuring Joe Rogan and Serial’s Sarah Koenig. For podcast fans who want to cast their vote the best show, online options have been included in the recent news article “Move over Oscar:

Podcasts are getting their own awards show.” The article announces many of the big names throughout the vast podcast channels. From crime to curiosity, everything can be expected to show up for the Hollywood styled event. Simply follow the link to read for more information on the show. See This Page for additional information.


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Who is Charlamagne Tha God?


Charlamagne Tha God is an author and talk show host. In production, Charlamagne runs his own company, CThaGod World LLC and co-host of Brilliant Idiots a favorite podcast. He has directed and acted in movies like Bodied (2017), on the run eating (2018) and Grow House (2017) to mention but a few.

He appears on the well know talk show called “The Breakfast Club” and also has a few books that he has written by himself called Black Privilege, Opportunity Comes to Those Who Create It and Shook One. All three books have been called the New York Times best seller. Which is quite the achievement.

His book “Shook Ones.” discusses Charlamagne’s life, growing up in Moncks Corner, South Carolina; while struggling with Anxiety and how it has affected his ways of living since childhood. The book also talks about his many fears such as being unpopular in school, being rejected by girls, being ugly, and even falling into the same path of some friends and family members whom have committed crimes, and stagnation.

Charlamagne Tha God also spoke about how he is still battling this mental disorder and even sees a therapist to help him get out of these negative thoughts, feelings, and the anxiety he deals with. Even after becoming a radio personality he also has mentors to help him through the day as well since he still feels as if he will not be able to take his career and talent to the “Next Step.”

The reason for Charlamagne’s book was to simply clear a path for those who may be in the same boat as Charlamagne Tha God, and need a way to express themselves, or even to know that there are other people in this world who feel just like they do. The book allows people to understand that even when there are negatives in life there is always a way to make it into something positive which in this case, Charlamagne wrote about his past and current issues.

He wrote this book in terms of allowing other people to understand that when you’re a celebrity or radio personality, you too, have these issues like the rest of us. See Related Link for more information.


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