Clay Hutson: An Entrepreneur And A Sound Engineer

Clay Hutson is an entrepreneur and a live sound engineer. He is also a tour producer and stage manager. He has worked with big-name artists such as Kid Rock, Guns N’ Roses, Pink, and OneRepublic to just name a few. His firm specializes in managing, producing and designing concerts. Prior to his entrepreneurship, Clay Hutson attended university classes in theatre design.


In an article dated February 23rd of 2018, Clay Hutson is interviewed. The article begins with a description of Mr. Hutson’s work history. It says that he worked for companies that “provided live entertainment solutions”, like concerts. After years in the industry, Mr. Hutson acquired enough knowledge, skill, and experience to create his own firm.

The article then moves on to the interview. They ask Mr. Hutson what his average day looks like. He says that as of right now, he begins his workday at “6:30 AM”. As a stage manager, he then does an overview of the day’s schedule including a “walk-through” and a “to-do list”. The article moves on to talk about the “wow” factor for his clients. Mr. Hutson states that is “always the goal.” He closely pays attention to new technologies in the music industry.

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The Bro Talk

In another article, Mr. Hutson is also interviewed. A few interview questions cover various topics concerning his firm, his interests and a recommendation for a good book. He says his attention to detail, his diligence, and great work ethic contributes to the success of his firm. He says, his “dedication and professionalism” encourages artists he has worked with in the past to recommend his firm for future projects.

Alex Pall: The Passion that Brought the Chainsmokers to Life

If you are a fan of electronic music, you have already heard of the Chainsmokers, one of the biggest phenomena in the industry. Even if you don’t enjoy the genre, however, you have already listened to their music, because they have conquered the pop culture as well, with their lyrical electro songs achieving impressive scores in the top charts of the year.


The Chainsmokers began when Alex Pall met his partner, the duo that would co-found the brand: Andrew Taggart.


Both Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart were already fond of DJing even before the two met.


Alex Pall had a stable job and liked to work as a DJ around New York City as a side job that he really loved. It was always a passion of his. Alex Pall treated it as a fun side job that he had, but he couldn’t help but notice that it was all that he could think of.


Andrew Taggart was in college when the two met, and he also had an interest in the profession. He loved electronic music way before it even became popular. He also already had a couple of his songs published on SoundCloud, but nothing too impressive, although he did have his fair share of fans and followers of his work.


Both Andrew and Alex were very aware of how much money it was possible to make if you were a successful DJ in the industry, and those figures don’t even compare with what is common nowadays. With that in mind and their passion for the work, the two had a mutual manager that introduced each other, thus forming a business relationship that would become the Chainsmokers.


Alex Pall was always very interested in the industry. He and Taggart would wake up very early and start working on their songs right from where they stopped. Alex Pall even quit his full-time job and became a full-time DJ with his partner. Even though both were only amateurs at the time, the passion that they had for the genre and their creations caused them to cover a lot of ground really fast, becoming a world sensation in just a few months of composition and intense daily training.