Roseann Bennett And New Medical Technology


In the modern era, most individuals have a smart phone in their pocket. This device can do everything from long distance communication, to assisting someone’s life. Thus, it is only natural for the medical industry to embrace this new technology. Roseann Bennett is a doctor with over a decade of experience, Ans she has witnessed the raise of “Telemedicine” in her practice. She recently discussed how it works, and provides a professional opinion about this recent trend.

Roseann Bennett is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Center for Assessment and Treatment. The Center for Assessment and Treatment has helped a number of patients and their families through times of stress and trial.

Starting with the basics, “Telemedicine” is the concept of seeking of medical attention over an electronic communication. This can be in the form of a call, a picture, or a video feed. In all cases there is a screen between doctor and patient. The first documented use was several decades ago in Australia, where a pair of individuals talked long distance using the technology at the time. As the natural evolution of what technology is capable of, it comes to surprise some have completely embraced the idea. While others, not so much.

Those in support of “Telemedicine” enjoy its option as a low-cost alternative for consumers. It is convenient, and means an individual won’t need to travel a long distance to see a specialist. Staying home also means the disease won’t potentially spread to others. Refer to This Article for additional information.

On the flip-side, individuals have pointed out the lack of privacy since personal information is stored online. Similarly, being separated from the doctor increases the odds of a misdiagnosis and poor treatment. These programs lack the quality control a real practice would have.

“Telemedicine” is a great service for certain people, but as a whole the industry has a long ways to go. Roseann Bennett recognizes how effective it would be for some, but she firmly believes there is nothing like going into the office in person.


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