Steve Ritchie Recommends Diversity Training At Papa John’s


Steve Ritchie, the CEO of Papa John’s International has declared that the company would be rolling out diversity training. Since taking over the role of leadership in this company, he has identified some areas that will need to be rectified for the company to stay in the path of growth. From work he has done in the company in other positions, he has proved that it is indeed possible to make a difference in the company.

As the senior-most executive in the company, he is ready to make the company even more successful by addressing areas of weakness in the company. He is ready to change the way business is done in the company by coming up with new strategies. Get More Information Here.

Steve Ritchie joined the company and shortly after wrote a letter to the stakeholders on the pizza company telling them how he is ready to engage in processes that will boost the reputation of the company by meeting the needs of the customers. He was concerned with some areas of the company and was quick to reassure the customers and employees that they will be seeing changes under his leadership. Steve Ritchie Papa John’s understands that the customer is the pillar of every business and his concerns need to be addressed with the seriousness deserved.

Steve Ritchie Papa Johns advocates diversity and inclusion. These are some of the aspects of a business that Steve Ritchie is very interested in. He has already made some steps to ensure that the goals of diversity and inclusivity are accomplished without further delay. He has appointed Victoria Russell as the Chief of Diversity and Inclusion in the company. He is no longer taking chances with the company since he understands the importance of building a business where everyone will feel appreciated.

Steve Ritchie

For 25 years, Steve Ritchie Papa John’s has been in the pizza industry. He started by setting up his pizza store in Louisville, Kentucky. This business taught him how to manage a business as well as building his passion in the pizza business. In 1996, he landed a job at Papa John’s, and since then, he is still with the company. He has held different positions that have culminated in him getting the biggest office in the company.


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Steve Ritchie Helps Papa John’s Roll Out Diversity Training


Steve Ritchie had a few specific intentions when he was recently named CEO of Papa John’s International; one of the most notable of these was to improve diversity and customer service in the fast food giant. He stated as much in an open letter to everyone in the company when he said that diversity, equity, and inclusion were his top priorities in the role; he also claimed that Papa John’s as a company believed in equity, fairness, respect, and opportunity for everyone.

Because of that, Steve Ritchie Papa John’s has taken a note from Starbucks and began diversity training for all of its employees. Contrary to the coffee giants, Papa John’s decision to undergo diversity training didn’t have much of an impetus beyond a new change in CEO. In Starbucks’ case, however, the diversity training followed national outcry against the company in the midst of tense race relations in the United States. The most significant factor, in this case, was when two black customers were arrested at a Starbucks in Philadelphia; this was because a store manager mistakenly believed that the two were loitering and called the police.What followed was a national outcry against Starbucks, with many calling for a boycott. However, Papa John’s isn’t facing much criticism for its treatment of minorities in its stores.

Instead, it’s something that Steve Ritchie Papa John’s has been passionate about for years. Instead, the company may be looking to ensure that no such event happens in their store; it’s also to ensure that every customer feels welcome in each of their stores. There’s also another significant contrast between both Papa John’s and Starbucks’ handling of the diversity training.

When Starbucks began its training, the coffee giant closed a significant amount of its stores to concentrate on the training. However, this has been something that Papa John’s has been keen to avoid. As such, Steve Ritchie has ensured that the company only has a minimal effect on its operating hours across each of its stores. As the training progresses, Steve Ritchie hopes, customers will then be able to see an overall positive impact on the companies customer service. Visit This Page for additional information.


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